Strategic Development of Future Leaders

Bali, Indonesia
Saturday, October 12, 2019 to Monday, October 21, 2019
Event Description: 

Programme Overview

In the present environment, an organization can no longer disregard the advancement of its future leaders to lead and manage with the business challenges that lie ahead. Awareness of the fundamental plans, changes and preparation of the next level of leadership is imperative. This visionary step to demand a higher level of leadership quality, greater self-motivation and excellent team building skills is to help to thrive and sustain the business in an uncertain and ever-changing economic condition. The future leaders through this programme will grasp a visionary, inventive and solution-oriented thinking and practices as opposed to taking a conventional and obsolete ways to determine issues and tending to of issues

This programme will be cruising on a significant professional and personal adventure. It enables participants to widen their professional knowledge, allowing them to distinguish where their future focus ought to be. Increase the common sense aptitudes, knowledge and certainty to make the progress from utilitarian expert to business leader rapidly and effectively. This calls for the start of a journey of a thousand miles which promises the leader’s cutting-edge skills. Let it begin with the first step!

By the end of the journey, the future leaders will embrace the following abilities, skills and competencies: -

  • Enhance their leadership skills and qualities
  • Understand how great leadership works and apply the skills in dynamic leadership
  • Anchor the ability to identify, analyse and intuitively manage complex and difficult relationships
  • Apply effective communication skills to create a caring, trusting, honest and respectful team an environment
  • Reduce resistance to change, defensiveness from negative people and ease team’s fear of change through improved communication skills - up and down the organization chain
  • Improve skills in handling self, others and situations
  • Increase the ability and confidence to help the individual, team and organization to accept positive change
  • Deal with the challenges of personal leadership, direction and team effectiveness
  • Be creative in business improvement and solutions
  • To achieve the goals and objectives of self, team and organization
  • To develop action plans to achieve the desire planned performance for self, team and organization.